Fi'zi:k Gobi saddle

This saddle with strong curved shaped was introduced by Fi'zi:k as a MTB saddle. In the beginning of this Millennium, the Italian company launched a new range of saddles with the so called Wing Flex technology. Some cuts in the shell of the saddle, near the inner thighs of the rider, should enable the saddle to flex in that area and allowing for more freedom/movement/comfort when pedalling and less pain.
To be honest, I never felt any problem or pain in that area with any other quality bike saddle and I didn't feel any extra benefit with the Twin Flex saddles of Fi'zi:k. But, I must say, that I really like the curved shape of the Gobi saddle in combination with the right amount and quality of padding and it's still on my No. 1 mountainbike.
Gobi's twin brother/sister for road bikes is Arione. It was introduced at the same time and it uses the same technology. However, the shape is totally different. Arione is very long and extremely flat.
I had the honour to attend the official bike manufacturers introduction of these saddles. A very nice test event was organized near Villajoyosa (close to Alicante, Benidorm), Spain, together with a couple of other companies (Hutchinson, Mavic, Manitou, Hayes, Motorex) and we had some good bike rides with nice people from the bike industry.