Detto Pietro Art. 2000 Superlight cycling shoes

Yesterday I got myself a nice pair of new racing shoes.
The "vintage" Vittoria shoes I already have are not really good and comfortable, so I have been looking for a new pair for a while. I found a nice pair Detto Pietro shoes at The "Stalen Ros" event (vintage bike show and jumble in Neerkant, The Netherlands).
Late 1978 I got a pair of used Detto shoes together with my 1st real racing bike, so it's nice to have a pair of Dettos again. These shoes are pretty high end with fine leather upper, screwed cleat and all wooden sole.
Although my regular shoe size varies from 42 to 43, these size 44 cycling shoes felt pretty good when I tried them on. Plenty of room with bare feet, so it must be fine with thin cycling socks.
Now I can ride my nice old bikes with cage pedals, toeclips and straps again. I believe that this will feel much better than with the Vittorias.