Progress new track bike project

I'm making some good progress on the newest track project. It started at the beginning of this year, when I had the chance to purchase a NOS set of Campagnolo track wheels. Suddenly the seller decided to cancel the deal, so the project was on hold.
The project got some direction when I acquired a 3ttt Pista track stem. 3ttt bars are not that hard to find. I have a "Gimondi" on my other track bike and a friend sent me a message that he would reserve one for me.
It took me a while, but I succeeded to find a very nice 3ttt SL saddle via Ebay.
A bit later I got myself a 3ttt Record seat post, also via Ebay.
Last Saturday I picked up the 2 3ttt Competizione Gimondi bars, so the whole 3ttt set is complete now. Okay, I could use a pair of 3ttt bar end plugs and some bars tape. I'll look for that once there's a frame. At least, the colour of the tape has to match the frame. I may have some bar end plugs, perhaps not from old vintage and with the correct logo. And it's questionable if these accessories should be considered as real 3ttt products.
Funny enough, the seller of the Campagnolo wheels re-listed the wheel and with some dirty cheating and bidding, I managed to get the wheels that I missed earlier this year.
Another good friend had a Campagnolo Pista 165 mm, BCD 144 mm crank set going spare, Marktplaats provided chain ring bolts and Ebay a 53T chain ring.
So, basically, I completed my next track bike. All I need is a nice frame set.
I'm looking for a very small, steel frame set, ideally Italian, Columbus, but I leave all options open. 49, 50, 51 cm frame size would be perfect, but anything up to 59 cm centre to top could be possible. Italian, English, Dutch, GDR, USSR, Japanese, you name it. As long as it is nice, good and affordable.
For the remaining components? Well, I do have Campagnolo Record 1" threaded headsets and I may still have a BSC threaded Campagnolo Record Pista BB set. I will not source other track pedals, because the ones from my Alan are perfect and can easily be swapped from one to the other bike. Just in case there's a good occasion to buy another pair, I may consider that. No hurry though. I'd better find some good shoes first, otherwise I'm not going to ride with toe clips and straps again.
Tubulars? Oh, I have some nice tubulars left and whenever I see some nice ones, I will not hesitate to buy them. Always come in handy.

Frame: ???
Front fork: ???
Head set: Campagnolo Record Strada
Bottom Bracket set: Campagnolo Record 70-P-120 ???
Crank set: Campagnolo 165 mm, 53T 3/32" Super Record chain ring
Pedals: Campagnolo Record Pista
Toe clips: Campagnolo
Toe straps: Alfredo Binda white
Sprocket: Shimano Dura Ace SS-7600, 3/32", 14T, 15T, 16T. Looking for a Campagnolo 16 or 17T.
Seat post: 3ttt Mod. Record, 27.2 mm
Saddle: 3ttt SL
Handlebar stem: 3ttt Pista Mod.3, 12 cm, 58°
Handlebars: 3ttt Competizione Gimondi 44 o-o bars
Handlebar tape: ???
Chain: ???
Wheels: Campagnolo Record Pista with Campagnolo Victory Strada tubular rims
Tyres: ???