3ttt Pista stem

I've got to start a new project!
Yesterday, I got myself a nice (assembled, never used) 3ttt Pista stem. 12 cm, 26.0 mm clamp, Mod.3, 58 degrees. Such a nice track stem is absolutely a must-have and this was a nice opportunity. Not cheap, but the price wasn't ridiculously high. Surprisingly, I won it.
I will be a very, very long lasting track project. Earlier this year I was about to buy a nice Campagnolo wheel set, but finally the seller decided to keep the wheels. Such a shame. Now I have to start all over again and the only thing I have is a stem!
Possibly, I will get myself another 3ttt Gimondi or Pista handlebar to match with this stem and put it on the ALAN for the time being. Nicer and more track-like than the Cinelli assembly that is currently on that bike.
Certainly, the new set-up is not as practical as the current Cinelli combo and it will increase the poseur value. The handlebar will be lower than the current comfortable position. But my riding style will shift to "poseur" bit by bit, so I don't care that much.

3ttt catalogue 1975