Colours and artwork Reco

The "new" Reco track frame is in the paintshop for powdercoating and will become glossy black with a layer of clearcoat.
Meanwhile, I've tried to come up with a suitable "skin design".
It's rather complicated to produce, also because my contact for printing and cutting vinyl decals has less possibilities than I thought.
Now I've found someone else who is trying to make the white decals (outlined letters and full white letters) in vinyl. I hope that it's all done automatically and that it comes out nicely.
For the printed part of the decals I'm going to try something new.
I've ordered decal paper that can be printed on a laserjet and inkjet (colour) printer. The negative aspect is, that I have to cut the decals by hand. This makes it hard to do difficult cutouts. When everything works out well, I have water slide decals in full colour that can easily be applied on the freshly coated frame. A light layer of clear coat has to be enough to protect the decals.