Applying shellac on handlebar tape

It took some time, but finally I've shellacked the black cloth handlebar tape. I've looked for blond shellac flakes on auction site "Marktplaats" and I found this web shop: An interesting website with good information and a good web shop. Compared with what I've seen at other sites, this is really affordable. The only negative point is the shipping costs, especially for the ethanol. Finally, I bought 100 g blond shellac flakes at an art shop in Kampen: "Kreatief Bezig Zijn". Cost me EUR 10.-. Shellac products from this stuff are purchased here: A Dutch dealer list is available on this web page. The stuff at this shop is far more expensive than, but I could buy a small quantity and I didn't have to pay for postage.
Denatured ethanol of at least 95% was harder to find. Drugstores sell it in small bottles of 100 ml or so, but that's very expensive. The people of our local pharmacy were very helpful and ordered a 1 l bottle at a very fair price of EUR 9.95.
I dissolved 50 g in 1/6 l ethanol. The ethanol was heated indirectly. First, I boiled water and put this in a container. Placed a clear glass jar with ethanol/shellac mix in this hot water to heat it up. From time to time I took new hot water and every 30 min or hour I shook the jar with shellac. Dissolving shellac in ethanol takes approx. 24 to 48 hours.
I applied the shellac with a paint brush in 10 or 12 layers. One layer was not completely cured before the next one was applied. Between each layer, I waited at least 1 hour, and in this way I did 2 or 3 layers per evening.

More about shellac: here.