Chain SRAM PC 870

It's hard to find an Italian chain that maches well with this bike. First, I know only two Italian bicycle chain brand that was already making chains during the late 1970's and early 1980's: Regina and Everest. It seems that these companies don't produce bike chains anymore. Most probably due to the introduction of complex indexed shifting systems. And Regina and Everest chains are very rare on Ebay. I've seen nice "gold" plated chains, but the colour doesn't match with the rest of the bike.
The best chain for this bike would be a Sedisport chain. I used "tons" of these chains: cheap (DFL 10.-) and good quality. Or, even better, the silver colour Sedis Pro. I have one, but unfortunately it's too short. Such a shame.
I have to be satisfied with the SRAM PC 870. SRAM took over Sachs, that acquired Sedis. I picked the PC 870 just because of the silver colour (nickel silver outer plates, grey inner plates). The PC 890 would have been better because of the nickel silver inner and outer plates, but the price was too high.
Because the Campagnolo Super Record chain ring is narrow (3/32" or 2mm), I had to select a narrow chain also. So, a 3/32" derailleur chain, but not for 9, 10 or 11 speed. This, in combination with low price and nice finish, doesn't leave much to choose from.